Amanda Abs



I am Amanda Abs and am the proud owner of two dogs – Molly is a 5 year old Rottweiler mix and Kali is a 2 year old Dutch Shepherd. I am a Chartered Professional Accountant by day and a dog sport enthusiast by night. I currently train and compete in several dog sports including agility, flyball, disc, barnhunt, scent detection and rally.  However, I spend most of my time training and competing in agility and truly have a deep passion for this wonderful sport! I believe agility has helped develop a different and special bond with both of my dogs and has taught me so many life lessons, that I hope to pass along to every student. Agility is such a fun sport that allows the handler and dog to get the physical and mental exercise needed and to develop a deep and loving bond, where both the handler and dog “run as one”. Whether you want to do participate in agility for fun or with plans to compete, there is so many ways to benefit from such a fun and addicting sport.

I have been training in Agility since 2014 and have been competing since 2015 in the Agility Association of Canada (AAC). I have since earned several titles on my oldest dog, Molly, and currently compete in the Masters levels in all events in AAC. We also attended the AAC Regional Championships in May 2017 and placed 2nd overall in our Regional, won the Sportsmanship award in our region and qualified to go to the AAC National Championships in August 2017.  Attending the AAC National Championship was such a wonderful experience as we had so much fun and learned a lot. We also managed to place 9th in a Gamblers run and had several other proud moments. I am also currently training my youngest dog, Kali, and hope to compete with her and begin this wonderful journey in late 2018. Of all the titles and awards we received, spending time with my best friends (Molly and Kali) truly is the best and most rewarding gift of all.

Over the past few years, I have taken countless hours of lessons from several great instructors in our province, along with many hours of seminars and workshops with the following agility professionals: Nicki Gurr (BC), Terri O’Neill (AB), Meaghan O’Neill (AB), Kim Collins (BC), Kiersten Lloyd (AB), Kimberley Anderson (SK), Cheryl Bartlett (SK), Dawn Hubick (SK), and Theresa Rector. I currently spend on average a minimum of 5-10 hours per week training my own dogs and doing many hours of research in the sport, to ensure I am always striving to improve to be the best I can be  and keep an open mind to new training techniques and research. I truly believe that as there is so many in depth aspects to agility, that it truly is a lifelong learning process and I make sure to enjoy every minute of it. For me, agility has brought so much joy to both my dogs and I, and I could not imagine spending my time doing anything different. 


Agility Association of Canada: 

- Master Agility Dog of Canada (MADC) title 

- Master Snooker Dog of Canada (MSDC) title 

- Master Jumpers Dog of Canada (MJDC) title 

- Regional and National Placements and awards listed in Biography above 

Barn Hunt 

– RAT Master (RATM) title with multiple High in Class Awards

* Kali was the first Dutch shepherd in Canada to receive her RATS title and the 5th Dutch Shepherd overall in the association 


– Several achievements in Updog Disc Challenge and K9 Frisbee Toss and Fetch League 

Flyball (NAFA)

– Flyball Master Excellent (FMX) title 10,000 points 


– Canine Good Neighbour (CGN) 

Sporting Detection Dogs Association 

–  Sporting Detection Started Special (SD-S-SP) title and passed all 3 odour Designated Odour Tests (DOT/W, DOT/P, DOT/T) 


– Expert Trick Dog (ETD) title 

* Kali was the 5th Dutch Shepherd to receive her Expert Trick Dog title overall in the association