Jodi Berger



Jodi has been involved with training dogs for over seven years. Her current dogs are Grover, a 7-year old Australian Shepherd, and Odie, a 9-year old GSD/Border Collie Mix. After taking many types of classes with her dogs over the years, Jodi decided to branch out with her training, and take some formal education through the Jean Donaldson Dog Training Academy. She is currently very involved with her studies and with the program, which has very rigorous, high standards.

Her current dog, Odie, was the catalyst for wanting to learn more about dog behaviour. Odie is quite reactive towards most other dogs, both on and off-leash. Jodi chose to follow a positive, force-free philosophy when training dogs, and she believes that every dog needs to be treated fairly and humanely.

Jodi currently competes with Grover, her talented Aussie, in Barn Hunt. Grover recently achieved his Novice Title in the sport, and also took 1st place and a High in Class in his category. Jodi and Grover also train regularly in Rally-O and Agility. In her spare time, Jodi is an avid runner, and enjoys taking her two boys on 5-10km runs. 

Over the years, Jodi has helped a number of clients with behavioural problems with their dogs. She takes a diplomatic, fun approach to learning for each owner – and dog!