Randi Seitz



Randi has a very diverse background with animals, but it wasn’t until getting her first Brittany, River, in 2015 that she really began to immerse herself in the world of dog sports. Since then, she has trained and competed in agility, barn hunt and scenting. Her love of scent-based sports has taken over every minute of her training and that is where her focus solely lies now.  While she may seem new on the scene, she's dedicated quite a bit of time and energy over the last few years, taking courses and researching training information. Working with River has provided many rewards, and often several challenges that have forced her to seek and create innovative training methods (including working through those pesky Brittany drive-bys).

Along with River, Randi has a Dachshund named Frank and a Great Dane x American Foxhound, Hank.


Barn Hunt

RATO (Open) title with several placement awards

Sporting Detection Dogs Association  

SD – A – SP (Advanced Special)