Disc Dog Classes

Disc is a great way to get outside and play with your dog. And now that summer is here - there's no better time to start! Whether you just want to burn some energy off, or learn how to play competitively, we can show you how to take your game to the next level!

All classes will be taught by our Disc Dog Dynamo, Sal Evans.  

Check out her extensive experience in the About section.


These 4 sessions will allow each handler to work on the activity of their choice.  This can be working on drills to improve some aspect of your game,  learning a new throw or trick, working on a new strategy for a game, or just having a warm place to work out.  

What is a Dog-Safe Disc?

All of our disc classes require the use of dog-safe discs in order to protect your dog's mouth.

But what exactly does this mean?  

Generally we look for three things in a safe disc:
1)  Non-brittle plastic. You want a plastic that will puncture instead of  shatter into pieces if a dog's tooth goes through it. These plastic  shards can be sharp and cut up your dog's mouth. Cheap dollar and  super-market discs usually use brittle plastic and should be avoided.  This also includes most cheap discs that large pet stores sell.
2)  Solid construction. There shouldn't be any holes or spaces in a disc that dog limbs, sticks, or tags can get caught in.
3)  Wider rim. This only applied to the harder discs that won't bend  when hitting the back of the mouth. You want a rim larger than a  centimeter so it doesn't bruise or bloody the back of the mouth if it  hits.

Where do I find Dog-Safe Discs?

I'd like to buy local: Pawsitively Purrfect has a selection of Hero USA dog discs
        I have a small dog: Ask for the hero atom 185
        My dog bites hard: Ask for the superstar, or the white superswirl
        My dog has a sort-of hard bite: Ask for the superaero
        My dog has a soft mouth: Ask for the Xtra 235 or sonic 215

You can also find the following toy-type discs at various petshops that are dog safe, though they don't fly as well:
       -  Chuckit paraflight and liteflight
       - Hyperpet flippy flopper
       - Soft bit floppy disc
       - Petmate sonic flyer
       - Starmark easy glider
       - Westpaw design zisc
        (as a note: kong flyers are dog safe, but I don't recommend them)

I'd like to buy Online from Canada

   RR Pet Paradise (https://www.rrpetparadise.com), or Exon Disc (http://www.exondisc.ca)
        I have a small dog with a big bite: Firm or ice swirl super atom 185, or any Jawz pup
        I have a small dog with a soft mouth: Soft or Taffy atom 185, or K10 pup
        My dog bites hard: Any Jawz or Z-fang. Hero discs with super in front of the name. Opto Bite
        My dog has a soft mouth: Competition standards, soflites, Z-disc, Hero air or xtra

I'd like to try different things and don't mind exchange rates:
    Sprydog (https://sprydog.com/)

My Dog does an excellent woodchipper impression:
    Try the latitude Opto Bite
        Full size, in Canada: http://shop.Disccellar.ca or Exon Disc (http://www.exondisc.ca)
        Small dog, from states: http://www.updogchallenge.com/the-store/

I'd like to go direct to the manufacturer:
    Hero Disc - http://www.herodiscusa.com
    Frisbee - http://www.dtworld.com
    Hyperflite - http://www.hyperflite.com
    Latitude 64 - http://www.dynamicdiscs.com
    FrisbeEscape - https://frisbeescape.com

I have so many questions:
    If you aren't certain what you need for your dog, you can talk to  our disc instructor to go through which options would be best for you  and your dog.