Tricks Classes

Tricks are not only a cool way to impress your friends and family with how smart your dog is, they're also a great workout for their brain and body. All dogs can benefit from a tricks class, but it can be particularly helpful for shy dogs as it's a great confidence booster. If you don't plan to laugh and have fun -  DO NOT REGISTER FOR THESE CLASSES! ;)

All classes will be taught by our resident Trickster, May Fischer


This 4 week class will cover a mix of Novice - Expert tricks and will be customized based on the experience of the participants in class. Special focus will be placed on those working towards their DMWYD titles.

Class Schedule:  Nov 19, Dec 3, 10, 17

Cost: $85 (GST included)



In 5 weeks, you will learn several tricks and be eligible to apply for your Advanced and/or Expert Trick Dog titles. This course is ideal for those wanting to work towards their TDCh title or for those who just want to come out for some fun!



 *** All trick classes will be held at The Playground.*** 

PLEASE NOTE: All classes must be paid for within 24hrs of registration in order to secure your spot.