Preferred Pawtners

Looking for other reputable dog businesses?

Below are companies that we personally use on a regular basis due to their quality and standards. It's important to know who you're dealing with and that their values align with yours. Plus, they provide top notch customer service. Click on their photos and check them out!

Collars, Tugs & Leashes


Whether you need a collar, leash, or tug - Ramona offers variety and quality in abundance! Or if you need a cozy fleece bed for your small animal, she makes those too! 

Paw Wax


Pedicures aren't just for humans! PawWix is a natural, locally made paw wax to help protect your dog's feet from the elements. Rosemary, Lavender and Hemp scents available.

Non-Dog Related Products/Services

Yes, we do have other friends.

While we do have connections to the best dog products around, we also have the goods on people who provide other products/services outside of the industry.  And they have dogs too!

Hand Crafted Wood Products


From bird houses to furniture, we're pretty sure there isn't anything that Joe can't make, and Natalie can't paint! Such a dynamic duo.

Homemade Baked Goods


Craving homemade baking but don't have time in your schedule to whip some up? Look no farther than Shauna's delicious page!

Beauty Inside & Out


If you're in need of a major style overhaul or just a touch up, go see Darlene! Her talent can be found in the cutest in-home salon.