Interested in the fun and fast paced sport of flyball? If your dog loves fetch, this could be his new favourite past time! Flyball can be played by a variety of dog sizes, speeds and breeds. Whether you learn for fun or to compete, we've got the classes to get you going. 

All classes will be taught by our Flyball Phenom, Cassandra  Zdanowski.  

Check out her extensive experience in the About section.


As with many things, you must learn to walk before you run, and this dynamic sport is no different. Having the proper foundations sets you and your dog up for a long and successful career of racing. Once those foundations are in place, you're ready to start putting all the pieces together. This class will be set up for those just starting out, as well as those wanting to continue on from Level 1.  Sessions will include building drive, box work, impulse control, striding and passing.  Get your dog on right road to the flyball lane!

*** All classes will be held at The Playground.***

PLEASE NOTE: All classes must be paid for within 24hrs of registration in order to secure your spot.