Sal Evans



Sal is a competitive disc dogger who believes in working with a dog's  natural abilities and inclinations to develop the best team possible.  She has been competing since 2013 and has studied under multiple world  champions. She has competed in 3 different provinces and 5 different  states and makes a goal to compete in at least one new place every year.  While she enjoys all aspects of disc dog, her true passion is the  distance games.

Sal mostly competes in UpDog Challenge, where she is also a judge. She  has reached level 2 in 6 out of the 7 games. She has also qualified and  attended all of the UpDog International finals since the first in 2016.  In 2018 she placed 3rd overall in Women's Far Out.

Sal also regularly competes in the K9 Toss'n'Fetch league in the expert  division and is the team captain for the Regina club. Before moving up  to expert, she was the #6 overall Master and top Canadian for the 2016  Autumn season. She has also competed in various other venues including  qualifying for the AWI World Championship in 2016.   


- UPDIF 2018 Top Ten placements by cumulative points for the year in level  2 4WayPlay, Level 2 Freestyle, and 2 dogs in Women's Far Out
- UPDIF 2017 Top Ten placements by cumulative points for the year in both level 1&2 Funkey, and 2 dogs in level 1 4WayPlay
- Level 1 Unobtanium UP (highest attainable) in level 1 4WayPlay with two different dogs
- Level 1 Funkey UP (highest attainable) in level 1 funkey
- UpDog Team Standings

Barn Hunt

-  RATI (Instinct)

CARO Rally-O

- RA (Advanced)

Flyball (NAFA)

- Onyx (20,000pts)


- CGN (Canine Good Neighbour)