May Fischer



May  began training competitively in 2009 with her first flyball dog. She  Co-Captains her own flyball team and is currently approaching her  FGDCh  - 50,000 title with the North American Flyball Association (NAFA).

She  completed her Certified Trick Dog Instructor certification in 2015 and  is currently a Silver Level Trainer with the Do More With Your Dog®  organization. She also became a Be A Tree Presenter and Doggone Safe  Member in 2014.


Barn Hunt 

- RATS (Senior)

CARO Rally-O

- CRN (Novice) 

- CRNT (Novice Team)

NAFA Flyball

- FGDCh-50,000

Obedience (CKC)

-  PCD (Pre-Companion Dog)

 - RN (Rally Novice)

-  CGN (Canine Good Neighbour)